Fire Breathing, Hairy Chested Year of Manufacture: 1951
Engine : 2.6 litre straight six
Chassis Number: 3

Marauder bei Haus Romer Nick Long about his Marauder:
Only 15 Marauders were ever built. They were the product of Wilks, Mackie and Co, later called the Marauder Car Company. They were based on the then new Rover 75 chassis, with the unofficial blessing and assistance of the Rover company.
I bought BSN 823 in 1987 in Glasgow, where it had lain hardly used for twenty years. The interior had dry rot and has had to be mostly dicarded. The paint was badly cracking and the car had to be stripped back to bare metal. Complete restoration will happen eventually, but by spring 1988 I had the car in a useable condition and I have been using it ever since.
Of the 15 built, 12 survive but not all are currently roadworthy. One is restored and on display in the Heritage Museum at Gaydon and I can think of another six that are complete and running. At any one time it is difficult to say how many are in regular use on the road, but it is generally three or four, of which this is one. It shocks me now to realise that my temporary repairs were done over ten years ago and have lasted longer than the lifetime of many newer cars.

Rare Fabulous Mythical Motor Car In May 1996 I drove BSN 823 to the far side of Germany for the 750th anniversary celebrations of Wincanton's twin town Geraberg. The most severe mechanical trouble experienced was the dipswitch cover falling off. The pictures here were taken on that trip.

Nick Long

The top picture is a version of one of the others, postprocessed by a fellow Rover enthusiast in Australia.

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