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One of my interests is flying, particularly upside down. I run a Beagle Pup, which is a metal, low wing aerobatic trainer of British design.


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Charlie Victor @ Aachen 1997

Charlie Victor was one of the last handful of aircraft assembled in 1970 after Beagle Aircraft closed down. It spent its life with a flying school in Switzerland before I flew it back to England in 1986.
This picture was taken at Aachen, Germany in the summer of 1997.

Those who know light aircraft will agree that a Beagle Pup is far and away the best possible light single one could have. Climbing into a Beagle after flying something else is like stepping off a double decker bus into a sports car.
I didn't do much flying in 1998 because the aircraft was having work done, including a complete strip and repaint.

Newly Painted


Becci, Tasha & CV

My daughter (right) and her friend after committing aviation.
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Your shadow at evening rising to meet you I will show you something different from either...
Photo by Natasha


Savage, Roger, savage dogfight In the Spring Special 1999 edition, Flyer magazine ran a comparison of the Beagle Pup and the Piper Cherokee, featuring Charlie Victor for the flight test.

Photos, ©John Colley & Flyer, reproduced with permission CV & NL

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